Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first two blog awards!!!

Do you know how long my blog list is getting? I spend way too much time enjoying other people's work!'s so much fun! I just love to get ideas from everyone else. Who knew when I started this how fun it would be? So, I must say thanks to Carla, Lori, and Jenn for encouraging me to start this amazing world of blogging. At my very first Stampin' Up workshop they told me I needed to start a blog. Thinking that I was not tech savvy enough, I brushed their suggestions off. But then I got home and checked it out...and, well, I guess the rest is history! Now you're stuck with me!

You know the best part about it? I think looking at other people's blogs is so encouraging, too. I get down on myself pretty easily and just the other day asked my sweet husband if he thought my cards and layouts were okay. Of course, he is very supportive and thinks that everything I do is wonderful, but I always see these amazing creations online and I am way too simple. Nothing I do is ever really that neat. It's okay, but I guess all that matters is that I enjoy it. Mostly, I just want to share the love of our family and our love for God with our family and to be able to give glory to God through my scrapbooks and stampin' creations.

So, anyway, here I am thinking that my stuff is only so-so and lo, and behold, as I'm blog cruising, look what I find, but two different awards for MY blog! It completely blew me away! So, this is probably a bit wordy, but it is all to say thanks to Lori and Carla not just for the blog awards, but for getting me to start this amazing (and quite therapeutic!) journey into the blog world. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite blogs as much as I do! (I guess I can't just give the awards back, but I do love Lori's and Carla's blogs - check them out on the side!)
And now you get to see my not so tech savvy self! Here are the links to blogs I read EVERY day!

Now, I realize that none of these bloggers have any idea who I am. I have learned about them through other peoples' blogs! But if any of you happen to stop through here, please feel free to pass these terrific awards on to 10 more bloggers that you enjoy! I am humbled by your work and in awe of your terrific creations that I find inspiration in everyday!


Karen said...

Hiya Valerie!!

Thank you so much for the award! I'm really happy you visit me EVERY day (lol!) and hope that I continute to be an inspiration to you! Not much is happening here with regards to cardmaking as my daugther has some sporting commitments on at the moment - but hopefully over the weekend I will be back into it!
Makeesha is a good friend of mine and I know she will be just as thrilled as I am to receive your award!

You do beautiful work - kudos to the girls who got you to start a blog!!

Luv Karen

Makeesha Byl said...

Hey Valerie!!!

Oh wow thanks so much for honouring me with this blog award!!! So glag you love to visit my blog.....and it is so wonderful to meet my readers too!

I will put up my award asap, and thanks again!

Love Keesh x

Ann Clemmer said...

WOW, Val! I told Stamper that you listed his blog at the top of your favorites & he flipped with glee! Thanks for the kudos!

cakescraps said...

Val- you are such a sweetie! I'm honored that I was an inspiration to you to start a blog. I'm so glad you did! I don't always comment - because I read TONS of blogs daily too and there's just NO WAY I can comment on them all! - but I try to check in every couple days at least, if not more.

I love your blog, AND your creations! And I had fun at club meeting yesterday! I look forward to them every month, and your ideas are great! Don't beat yourself up!

Have a blessed day, friend!