Monday, April 6, 2009

Inkerz away, mates!

I am back from vacation and back to work (and play, too, of course!). While we were at Sea World in Orlando, Florida last week, we promised our daughter we would ride the merry-go-round. She would ride the merry-go-round ALL DAY LONG if we would let her!!!
Anyway, we were asking her what types of sea creatures we were each on while we were riding and my husband said, "Do you know why mommy is on the squid? Mommy likes ink so much, she thought she could get a free ink pad if she rode the squid!"
Ha! Ha! He cracks me up! I'm just glad he supports my hobby, I guess. I thought you all would like seeing the picture of me dreaming of ink on the squid! So, inkerz away, stampers and scrappers!

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Andrea said...

Hi Valerie! Stopping by from the SCS Bloggers #5 group. I love the layouts you've done! Can't wait to see more!!