Monday, September 1, 2014

Frightful Wreath


It’s funny…..I’m not much on decorating for Halloween.  Sure – I put up a few pumpkins and things that I’ve made over the years, but I usually just stick to traditional fall items.  This year, though, the items in the Holiday Catalogue are simply so amazing I think I am going to have to take out a loan so I can buy them all!!!! 

Take, for instance, this Frightful Wreath.  Any other year I would not buy a wreath for Halloween.  I’ve never had a Halloween wreath!  My two year old son, though, has played this little game with pretend spiders leftover from last year’s Halloween all summer.  We throw them out of a drawer…onto the floor….into the bath…you name it – he runs around screaming like he’s just seen a ghost.  “Piders!”  he screams with a look of terror on his face.

To anyone who doesn’t know him, they think he is truly petrified.  They feel sorry for him.  Poor little thing.  And then he does it over….and over…..and over……and over…..and over….

You get the point.  This has been his favorite little game all summer.  Needless to say, when he cried out, “Piders!” upon looking at this wreath in the catalogue…..he had me – hook, line, and sinker!




This wreath was pretty easy to make.  Here are a few tips.

*Get your hot glue gun ready and keep lots of glue sticks at your side.

*When you hot glue the center of the accordion fold – put lots of glue in there and hold it.  Then hold it some more.  Keep holding.  Take a nap and hold it!  Just kidding!

*Re-ink your Basic Black ink pad just before you sponge those doilies and be very gentle.  They tear easily.  Fresh ink will make certain that they turn really black.

*In light of the last tip…..keep paper towels or napkins close by to hold those doilies if you don’t let them dry completely. 

*The spider took the longest to make – it is not hard – just tedious!  Good wire cutters and pliers/tweezers for wire will be very helpful!

Supplies:  Frightful Wreath Simply Created kit, Frightful Wreath photopolymer stamps, Tangelo Twist ink, Basic Black ink

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