Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Bearthday, Daddy! (And a card from MDS)

My daughter and I worked together to make a birthday card for daddy. She got to pick the paper and the card choice (to color a bear or make a paper bear). She rolled the bear pieces through the Big Shot and wanted to make the bears clothes all white. Then, she stamped cupcakes and hearts on the inside with a picture of mommy, daddy, and Halleigh. (Okay, so they looked a little like Mr. and Mrs. Potato head, but I know daddy thought they were terrific!)

I think I have finally gotten a few cards and my scrapbook printed from My Digital Studio. So, here is a card that I made based on a card I received at the Cincinatti Regional. It was pretty easy to do - and it's fun to be able to make cards and scrapbook pages when I don't actually have the stamps!

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kat said...

Your daughter did a great job, he's so cute. I have been playing with my MDS too and it still amazes me what it can do. Way better than I thought it would be. TFS