Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Digital Scrapbook

Well, I have done it! I have finally figured out not only how to make a scrapbook album in My Digital Studio, I have printed it out and now can even upload my pictures of my pages to my blog! I am SOOO proud of myself! (I only took me a month and a half to figure all of this out....I'm working - slowly, but surely).
So these pages on this post are all of the basic drag and drop picture pages from our summer trip that you find in the beginning of our book. I like the pre-made pages and since I was creating about 28 pages total for my book, it was very quick and easy to just drag and drop my pictures in until I got a feel for the album.
The pictures above are from Vizcaya - a beautiful mansion in Miami. Halleigh thought she had found a princess there!
And a luxurious room we stayed in during our visit to Miami deserves a page, too! Daddy and his little sand castle queen!
And a brief trip to the Everglades - now we see why it is called Alligator Alley!
The coolest part of our trip was a wild animal show that came to our resort while we were in Fort Lauderdale - we got to hold animals after the show was over. I couldn't believe that Halleigh didn't drop that Egyptian fox! It is almost as big as she is!


Tracy said...

Looks like you've done a fine job of figuring it out! The pages look great. :)

Liz said...

Great job with MDS! I really like all of the pages you created.