Monday, October 26, 2009

More MDS

Okay, so here is where the pages that I created start. I started with our cruise pictures. I realize that the picture below this is a terrible picture, but despite the terrible lighting, I loved the way that the picture highlighted my daughter's beautiful, long curls in her hair!

And here the layout above was a pre-made layout, but I figured out that you could add a mirror image and even flip the details, so I really like the cohesive look it created - nice and simple, but just perfect for our pictures together. I really liked these pictures to showcase our anniversary - they just showed us - the way we are together. We're just silly and happy!

Again, the pictures for this layout were terrible, so I converted all but one into black and white - that way, it was okay to use all these bright colors on the layout! Here, you will notice that as I put the layout of photos on the pages, the same idea was used on the second page, but it was flipped over.

Yes, those are real they did not cut the tails off of them. In the Grand Cayman Islands lies a HUGE sand bar where the water is only 2 - 4 feet deep and hundreds of wild stingrays come to swim with people it was awesome!
So for the scrapbook page - I took the same beginning layout of the opening page of the previous post below and changed the papers, lowered the opacity and used different embellishments.

Here is a page I wanted lots of pictures on. We had so many pictures from Roatan, an island off of Honduras. This is one of the beautiful things about My Digital Studio - it is so easy to add many photos and to get the largest majority of your picture in each photo spot. I have tried printing pictures at home in different sizes to scrapbook in the past. The problem was always that if you sneezed, cried or slightly scratched the picture, the image would easily deterioriate. In MDS, I can add pictures of any size and in turn, I don't have to create so many layouts. Plus, there are no wasted pictures that I might have printed out and not used!

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