Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last MDS pages

Well, I just finished the last of my certification quizzes for My Digital Studio...I guess if I had watched all of those webinars BEFORE I started this, I could have just made a video to post of the whole entire album. Ah, but that will be a project for the next album, because I am most certainly NOT done playing with this fun program!

So, I apologize for small photos and blurry reproductions, but I will say that the album that I ordered from SU is truly outstanding! It was definitely worth every penny!
Here are a few pics from Belize - we went to Mayan ruins, a place called Altun Ha. They were located in a clearing in the middle of the rain forest - very thick with mosquitos! But also rich in culture and history.
And here is the Belize Zoo. Certainly not the most outstanding zoo I have ever been to, but definitely the most darling and natural zoo. All of the animals truly live in their natural habitat - no man-made living environments for them (unless you count cages). The zookeeper was near the jaguar, so she allowed Toby to touch his paw. I think Toby was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day!
And what other background color can you choose for beautiful pictures of a sparkling ocean? I never knew the ocean could be so vividly clear until going on this trip. After snorkeling in Cozumel I am now a huge fan of it! I saw angel fish, lobster, a huge school of fish, porcupine fish, and even barracuda!

And as if that weren't enough to make me ecstatic, there were fabulous fajitas just a mile down the road from our stop!
Well, thankfully we aren't treated to dining like you see above every night...my hubby ate 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and 2 desserts every night! You would think I couldn't cook! We enjoyed the beautiful view and the outstanding food, though!
While we were at dinner the last night, we had our friends from our table sign their names to a picture we took of them so that we would never forget them. They were terrific company every night!
And one last look at the cruise had to remember how much our little girl loved the kids area. We didn't have to feel guilty dropping her off for a date night, because she begged to go play in the kids room every night! Well, I guess if I got to do fun things like face painting every night, I would probably beg to go, too! I believe I'll just have to beg for enough money to go on another cruise someday...maybe in another 10 years we can save up again! For now, I think it's time to cruise on through some more pictures and projects!

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A Latte Stampin said...

You guys look like you had some absolute fun... look at that tan! I'm jealous! hugs and it is a great book i love these things!!!!!