Monday, June 15, 2009

More Club projects

In addition to the pendant/bookmark, we also made a matching pen and post-it note holder at our most recent club meeting. For each item, I used Washington Apple DSP and lots of Sticky Strip! In the picture above, you will notice a bouquet of funny looking flowers, those are our pens - Kittra will not have to worry about any of those silly guys she works with walking off with one of those! I just followed a tutorial on Patty's Stamping Spot to create these. Using 12" strips of 2-sided paper, you just make a 1 1/4", 1 3/4", and a 2 1/4" strip each of different papers. Make cuts almost all the way down every 1/4" or so and then apply 12 inches of sticky strip to the bottom edge. Next, wrap....and wrap....and get the point. You MUST start with the shortest strip, then the medium strip, then the tallest strip. Finally, use a pencil to curl down the edges of your flower and with several, you will end up with a darling bouquet of pens or pencils!

These are the post-it note holders we created. I added some sticky strip to the back of my post-it notes to hold the pad down inside the cover. Wouldn't this be a cute ensemble to take with you in your purse? Or, better yet, just keep it right next to your phone - you won't have to look far to find your note paper and pen!

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Liz said...

Super cute projects! Thanks for sharing!