Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to my two favorite valentines ever!  My sweet hubby and darling daughter....I love you both for making my life as wonderful as an enchanted fairy tale.  Who says fairy tales can't come true? maybe we don't have the maid or the fairy godmother....but we have a happy little life together!
So...if you didn't already miss me, I have had an extremely busy week.  I had two snow days this week and didn't even get to scrap any!  That should be a sin!  LOL! 
Anyway, we have a Valentine banquet out of the way and a few clean clothes in the house.  The dog we're doggy sitting for is okay after having some kind of seizure or episode on Friday that made us really scared.  Egads!  Crazy week! are my crazy little Valentine projects I finished .... all today!  Yowza!  These are the treats for all the ladies and gents who are dedicated enough to come do kickboxing and an abs class tomorrow for Valentine's day.  I'm thinking water has no calories, so no one can resist it after sweating for an hour!!!
My sweet daughter actually helped make her own Valentines this year.  She picked out the stamps, stamped the hearts and even put the pop dot adhesive on the hearts in addition to drawing on the scallop square with her name on it.  It really helped out a lot having a little helper around to do part of the projects!
And finally, for my crazy loves...our teenagers at church.  We made 50 of these little flowers with a tootsie roll pop or a blowpop in the center thanks to the Island Oasis flower die.  I love the Big Shot inventor!!!
Now...all I have left is to bag up all the candy to go with it and I'll be done!!!  Yippee!!!

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