Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bug Day Party Pictures

It's hard to imagine that our little girl is already 6 years old, but that day has come and gone - she is growing up so quickly!  It's funny how when you are this age you think time can't pass quickly you get older it seems like it passes more quickly each year.  We certainly appreciate our time with our sweet family and children and try to enjoy it as much as possible. 
Here are a few snapshots of the party we had (now that I've crawled out of my crazy business for a few moments!). 
My mom came to the rescue to help me make Halleigh's shirt.  I added the Pink Pirouette ribbon using Patch Attach - very easy to iron on.  I thought the same would be true of the ladybugs, but obviously felt doesn't feel the same way about glue as other materials.  Needless to say, my mom patiently stitched all the ladybugs on by hand while I made the cake! 
And a matching little head band - all supplies came from Hobby Lobby.  Thanks to the genius who invented hot glue guns, that was much easier to make!!!!  I didn't even glue myself thanks to the SU Silicone Sheet.
Here are a few of the food items we prepared - we stuck with the buggy theme for this party - all the way down to the food!
Love my help from Pinterest!
Target clearance special!  Gummy worms in petry dishes - on 75% off sale!  The kids loved them!
Snapshot of the food table...
Caterpillar puffs and Stick Insects
Bug Bites - I just gave them these names - they are the bomb, though!  And so easy!  Little smokies wrapped in a half slice of bacon - you pour brown sugar on top and bake in the oven at 450 until the sugar carmelizes!  YUMMMY! 
Bug Juice - AKA Blue Hawaiian Punch
Peanut Butterflies and Jelly
TIP:  We decided that it would be much easier to cut the bread FIRST with your cookie cutter and THEN add the PB & J.
TA-DA!!!!  Yes!!!!  After 6 years of miserable looking cakes, I finally made a cake that was exactly the way I envisioned it!  Thanks goes out to Pillsbury, Duncan Hines and Wilton for great cake pans, cake mixes and the great new cans of frosting that actually taste pretty good (well, honestly, black is not the greatest taste!)
I'll share some more pics later this week of the activities and party favors, etc.

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