Monday, November 19, 2012

Bug Party Activity Stations

For this party, my daughter decided she wanted to have activity stations for all of our guests to participate in if they chose.  I thought it was a great idea, so my thoughts on her plans for birthday parties are pretty much - enjoy her great ideas while I can - she's only young once!  I know one of these days she won't want to have these fun parties!
Stations 1 & 2 were together - Create a bug jar to let a bug live in - I collected and washed the baby food jars her little brother has been eating for the last couple of months for the bug habitats!  (Hello, reusing and FREE!)
Design a bug bag to collect bugs in later on during the party.
And here you can see my daughter's bug jar and bug bag - oh, so lovely!
Notice the real live wooly worm behind that?!  Hmmm....wonder what it is telling us about our  upcoming winter?
Station 3 - Make a Caterpillar
You can see a few of the pom pom caterpillars here - NOTE:  Stampin' Up's adhesive googly eyes STICK TO these pom poms!!!!!  Praise the Lord for not having to glue those things on!  Yes!!!
Station 4 - Decorate a Butterfly
I used die cut butterflies that my mother in law purchased for this activity.  I used the shaving cream technique to decorate them.
Shaving Cream Technique
Supplies:  Die cut paper (cardstock works best - Whisper White is great for this!)
Shaving Cream
Re-inkers in various colors
1.  Fill a container with shaving cream.
2.  Drop 3-4 colors of re-inker around the top of the shaving cream.
3.  Swirl with a stick or toothpick.
4.  Dip die cut into the shaving cream.
5.  Wipe off with paper towels.
6.  Repeat until desired look is achieved!
Here are several of the children at the activity station making butterflies and caterpillars - notice the bug capes?  They were part of an exploration station below.  They loved chasing each other in those capes!!!  Ah, the joys of being a school teacher with tons of silly props in the closet!  ;)
5.  Exploration Station
In addition to the bug capes, there were several bug books (all from my daughter's library - yes, people, this is what she loves to read at night!)
More of the exploration station - There was a butterfly and a lightning bug jar also.  I found these on clearance - they move around like real bugs when you tap on the top!
6.  Tattoo Station
I believe one of our fearless leaders began receiving tattoos rather than giving them!  Hey, what better way to show off your manhood than with a big huge bug tattoo!??!?

And, at last, the bug hunt!  It was just like Easter here - except the kids got bugs to take home with them!  They LOVED it!!!!
They brought all of their bags back in and poured bugs out all over the table to look at their collection afterwards!  Too funny!
My daughter's bag of bugs.  Cute moment not to be forgotten:
As we were setting up for the party, she looked over at us and said, "I've got all a girl could ever want!"
You just remember that, sweet girl!  We may not have a ton of money to throw huge birthday bashes, but we have a family who loves each other and has fun together!  That is all we could ever ask for!

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