Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bug Party Treats

As the children were leaving, we made sure to give each child a treat bag full of buggy goodness!  The treat bags were filled with bug tattoos, bug bands, a finger puppet bug, a bug ring, a bug notepad, and a ladybug paddle/ball.
Babies receieved a large finger puppet and 3 rubber bug duckies.
When they got their bag, they were allowed to pick a sucker and a treat cup as well.
I made 8 of each style - magnifying glasses and ladybugs.  The ladybugs were inspired by several different ideas I saw on Stampin' Connection.  The magnifying glasses were inspired by Becky Roberts.
And just so little brother didn't think he was forgotten, I made him an outfit, too!  I found a WiggleWorm iron on at Hobby Lobby for $1.43 and put it on a onesie I already had!
These little caterpillar pants were perfect to go with it! 

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