Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ear Mouskas and my crazy husband!

Do you live somewhere cold where you have to wear Ear Mouskas in the winter?  We had a terribly cold winter this year, so Halleigh was so glad that Santa brought her some ear mouskas (yes, I know the rest of the world calls these ear muffs, but I just can't stop myself - I think it is so adorable when she puts her ear mouskas on!)
I already think about how many little daily things I thought were so cute that I have forgotten on my own.   Thanks to scrapbooking, I can remember these precious little details forever - and that's why I scrap - doesn't matter what brand, what color, what's the memories that I want to keep forever.  I know I can't keep her small forever, so at least I can preserve these precious memories for days like today when I get all sentimental about just how fast my sweet little girl is growing up. 
Who knows if God will bless us with another child in the future.  Since the rapture didn't happen yesterday, at least we have the rest of our lives to find out exactly what God has in store for us.  It may just be taking care of all the little hearts in our youth group - so fragile and tender, so many hearts hurting this weekend.  It just breaks my heart this weekend to see so many of them hurting and know that there is nothing we can do for them except pray.  Thank goodness we have a Father who is in control and knows best what to do and how to use all of these little hurts, habits, and hangups for his glory. 
My goodness, I never thought keeping a blog could bring tears to my eyes or be so therapeutic!  Egads!  I promise I was just going to tell you that the Sweet Shoppe stamps look much better on the title in person! (They're 30% off this month!) Now I have tears streaming down my face!  Ah, well, nothing that a little prayer won't take care of!   
Or, then again, reminding myself how silly this husband of mine is - here he is at a double surprise birthday party we had Friday night for some of the kids in the youth group (now you see why I haven't posted in a few days?  Look what I have to put up with??!?!)  Just kidding.  I love my silly husband and our thankfully the kids in the youth group don't mind putting up with him, either!
Now to get a picture of Halleigh's most recent discovery - she has BAMpire teeth!   Ha!  Look out Twilight!

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Hannah Vaught said...

I absolutely love this page. I wish i had been scrapping when my two boys where little, because I know I have forgotten all those cute things they use to do. Hopefully the pictures we took will bring back the memories. By the way I loved making cards with you on Saturday!