Saturday, October 15, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints

Recently I was contacted by Brendan Bailey, who works for Easy Canvas Prints.    I have always loved the look of pictures and art on canvas, but always dismissed it as too expensive.  I have a few canvas paintings, but I never thought about putting one of my pictures on canvas.  When Brendan asked me about trying out one of my pictures on canvas, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to try putting one of our pictures on a canvas.  So, since we had purchased a Disney Photopass while on vacation, I decided to use one of my favorite pictures for the canvas.  
Here's what the original picture looks like:

To me, this is such a sweet, almost angelic picture of our daughter.  You can't even tell we are at DisneyWorld!  I love her sweet expression and the way the sun is glowing and reflecting off of her golden hair. 

So, this is what the actual canvas looks like (minus the tablecloth!):
You can see it is just perfect!  In fact, we just put up our fall decorations this week and I set in on an easel right in the center of all of our other decor.  It blends perfectly, but it makes such a gorgeous impact!
You can see some of our handmade pumpkins - including Halleigh's pumpkin from when she was in preschool - they make such a nice little frame around the picture. 
Here are just some side views and views from below. I love that you can create a mirrored image to wrap around the edge of the picture so you don't have to lose any part of your actual picture.  How clever! 
 I have been thrilled with my canvas and my entire ordering experience at Easy Canvas Prints.  If I had any regrets, it would only be that I didn't know how gorgeous it would be - I would have gotten a bigger canvas!  Easy Canvas Prints has some really great deals and there is lots of variety from which you can choose.  In fact, right now they are offering 25% off AND free shipping!  WOW!
  I personally think these great products are just perfect for that little holiday coming up....Christmas!  I have a feeling some of those grandparents out there would be delighted to have a canvas with all their babies on it!

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