Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making banners

Hold 'yer horses, Trigger....this is gonna' be a long post! 
I recently had a class to create some clean and simple cards using banners - they were so easy to make...and yet we get so nervous about making something so simple, don't we!?  Today, I am here to help you make some of these easy little banners so you, too, can adorn your pages and cards with banners!
One easy way to make a banner is to start by clipping a slit in the middle of your scrap of paper.  While I have a tendency to just eyeball things and guess, this gives you a specific place to end the banner - it also helps you make sure you will end up in the middle - not slightly off!  And if you're completely precise...you can measure before cutting!!!!
Next, cut from the bottom corner to the top of your slit.
And finish by cutting from the opposing corner to the top of your slit - now look how easy that was!!!!
Again, if you want quick and easy, another way to make a banner is to use a square punch - line up your banner scrap so the corner is where you want the angle.  Again, for more precision, measure and place a dot at the spot you want to line up.
There you have it....another quick and easy banner!
I like the way the banners look if you take a pencil and curl the ends of them up - aren't they cute?
Babies and banners...a perfect combo, right?!
Banners make great birthday cards for boys, too!  This one actually matched the gift bag and tissue paper of the last party we took a gift to!
Here I made the same card two times - once with a crumb cake background.....
...This time with a Pumpkin Pie background.  It's amazing what a difference a pop of color can make! 
I'm sure you can see how easy it is to make these cards!  They were so easy....I just couldn't stop myself - and they are a terrific way to use up those scraps you just hate to throw away!  So, give it a try, make some banners and share your creations with me!  I'd love to feature your cards, too!

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