Monday, July 1, 2013

Glue Girl: a papercrafter’s superhero

We had a great Vacation Bible School last week – it was based on superheroes.  Between crazy hair day,


Water games and beach day,


and dress like a superhero day,


we had a pretty silly and crazy week!  Since we were on the green team….and there are no green female superheroes, we decided to make our own superheroes.  My husband was the green lantern the night before, so he borrowed hulk hands and a Nacho Libre mask…interesting, I know.

My daughter was Gator or Crocodile Girl (she used her dance outfit and wrestled down a blow up crocodile!) 

I decided to be Glue Girl…..with my hot glue gun and my ATG gun!  I put my hot glue gun to work to make my own outfit, too!


By the way, in case you’re wondering…some dust or paper floated through the middle of the camera….right in my chest area….I don’t know what it is!!!!  Eek!

Anyway, I used some green paper that my friend, Sue Denym gave me last spring to make the skirt. 

Here’s how I made it:

1.  Cut a piece of Certainly Celery 1 1/4” grosgrain ribbon (retired) to a length that fits your waist with room to tie.

2.   Cut about 8 sheets of paper into 1 1/2 X 12 inch strips.  Wrap the bottom of each strip of paper around a pencil to make the ends curl.

3.  Glue each strip to the ribbon using a hot glue gun.  I did two layers, staggering the second layer between the two beneath.  I cut some of the strips shorter and added some ribbon my husband wrapped my Mother’s Day present with for variety.

4.  Take paper doilies and fold them in half.  Glue them over the top of the ribbon to hide the edges and messy glue spots.

5.  Glue some green pom pom trim to the top of the doilies.

6.  Add a flower in the center.

And wear with pride!!!


My cape was nothing but scraps!  I had a large scrap of white felt that I cut and safety pinned to my shirt. 

For my badge I used a birthday hat (flattened) from Stampin’ Up and a letter G from an old birthday banner/party kit.  I added a leftover paper doily and a black satin flower I had on my desk. 

I’m pretty sure most everyone just thought I was crazy, but that’s probably true!  All who knew me also knew this was my true superhero identity!!!! Winking smile  Oops!  Did I say that out loud?  You didn’t see that…..until the next glue emergency…..that’s a wrap for this Glue Girl!!!

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