Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Pumpkin Parties!

Now this is exactly what I like to see – Paper Pumpkin parties!!!!  Yes!!!!

Hannah, one of my club members, just sent me a picture of a cake she made for her son’s birthday – I can’t believe he’s 21!!!!  What a fabulous and fun cake decorated with her paper pumpkin!


Now how fun is that?!  And the best part is – it didn’t take all day long to create those festive decorations!  Thanks, Hannah, for sharing your fun with us! 

Don’t forget – you, too, can join the pumpkin party fun for half price for the next two months!  If you are a new subscriber, just use promo code PUMPKINDEAL and your first two months are only $10!  What a deal!  Just click the picture below to sign up.


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