Sunday, November 17, 2013

Flower Shop rainbows


I got the idea for these lovely little cards from a card I pinned on Pinterest.  I loved how the card was so simple and full of color!  In fact, I loved it so much, I decided to make a few different cards using the different flowers from the flower shop stamp set!


Here is the first card.


This is my miracle card!  I was demonstrating this card at club yesterday and just as I finished stamping my Pistachio Pudding flowers my son began one of those terrifying blood curdling screams.  He and my daughter were playing upstairs happily until this happened, so I ran upstairs to find out it was merely a bloody nose.  I guess all the blood must have terrified him.  Amazingly, my card came out perfectly!  No blood drops, no smeared images….it was all okay. 
And my heart got a good little race in for the day, too!  Winking smile


After everyone was gone, my daughter decided she wanted to make one, also.  I let her pick the colors using the ink pads we had used during our club meeting, so this is the color combo she came up with.  It turned out quite lovely, I think! 

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