Monday, December 12, 2011

Stampin' Up Cookie Stamp Press

Stampin' Up recently came out with these coookie press stamps - they come with a wooden handle and 3 cookie presses that come right off of the handle easily for $16.95.
Now, I'm going to be honest, it took me a while both times I've used it to remember the key ingredient!  FLOUR!  Even if your dough is plenty must have flour to keep the stickiness from getting into the mold!  Once you can pat your dough without it sticking to your hands, though, you're pretty much good to go. 
There we are - two messes in the kitchen!  We made quite a mess...although we did clean it up!  The last time I used the recipe on the cookie press paper and added pink food coloring.  This time, though, we stuck with Pillsbury dough and left it the normal color. 
Just in case you're wondering....Pillsbury sugar cookies hold their shape pretty well.  They are not overly defined after cooking,, but overall they did a pretty good job with the press.
Here is what they look like when they are finished.  Now, I will make a note and say that I purchased a set of Pampered Chef biscuit cutters to help with cutting that circle out perfectly.  The last set of cookies I made used the heart press and my daughter decided we needed to cut all of the hearts out....oops....did I say WE?  I meant I had to cut out every single heart....about 60!  No more cutting them out....just the circles this time!  Much easier.
This time I had a little helper the entire time.  She had a big time...probably ate more cookie dough than she rolled....but she loved making cookies with me.

On another note....if you're trying to do this with the peppermint sugar cookies....just bake the cookies.  Don't waste time cutting them out - they rise a lot and just mostly lose their shape!  But....hey.....they are definitely delish!

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